Species profiles


From the commonest plants to the rarest, some of which are only found on The Lizard in the UK, explore the rich variety of plant species found here. There is always something to see, in any season.

Land mammals

You will find the usual British mammal wildlife on The Lizard: deer, foxes, badgers and stoats, as well as smaller mammals, such as voles and mice. You can also admire the hard work of pony and cattle breeds used for conservation grazing.


The Lizard is wonderful for birdwatching. Not only can you see rarities, such as the Chough, but spring and autumn carry migrating birds, some just passing through and others staying for either the winter or summer.

Butterflies & moths

Most native UK species of butterfly can be seen here. Its southerly location means that The Lizard is also often among the first in the UK to welcome migrating butterflies to our shores in the summer, including the Clouded Yellow. Harder to spot but just as rewarding are the many species of moth found on The Lizard, with rare migrants also occasionally spotted.


Insects and other invertebrates are plentiful on The Lizard. Windmill Farm is home to many species of dragonfly and damselfly, and bees, hoverflies and other creatures abound throughout the spring, summer and into the autumn. 

Reptiles & amphibians

The flooded pools in the trackways of The Lizard’s heathlands are known for the early appearance of frogspawn: it sometimes appears as early as November. Look out as well for Common Lizards, Grass Snakes and Adders, as well as Toads and Palmate newts.

Marine life

The seas around The Lizard are full of exciting wildlife, from Basking Sharks and Sunfish in the summer to leaping dolphins and porpoises all year. You don’t have to be a diver to spot life beneath the waves: you’ll find anemones and other marine life in Lizard rockpools. 

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